club flyer <–sexy crap

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Today, while minding my own business on campus, sitting on the grassy area near the fantastic library browsing the internets, when some guy comes up to me.

“Hey there, do you like electronic music? House music?”

“uhh, yea”

“well, blah blah blah..”

He pitches this club he is promoting in Santa Clara, hands me the flyer, and continues on his quest to badger everyone about the club within a 100-foot radius.

I’m not the club-going type of person, but I am interested in the flyers and posters that the promoters put out.

Usually its the same ol’ two step:  Hot chicks, sponsors on the back, small pics of  z-list “celebrities” thats going to show up, and display typefaces that would instantly kill any boner of design professors that just shook hands with Milton Glaser.

Though what I just said might sound like I don’t like club flyers, I actually do appreciate them (no sarcasm). Where else can I get often updates of scantily-clad women, photoshopped and used without copyright permission, into a gradient background with clip art of boomboxes and palm trees, all accentuated by intense neon colors? The school campus, that’s where.

the flyer:


front: apparently this club is searing with heat


back: i want to punch someone

This flyer is a failure of a club flyer. Yes, it has some “decent” design, but also vice-versa. Lets run down some of the redeeming factors:

1) hot chick

2) hot chick’s bare [sic] ass

3? ) they are fans of  the Swiss graphic design style?

First two reasons are quite self-explanatory and follows the formula of club flyer design, but I’m quite perturbed about the last one. Since when do clubs start using Helvectica? Or maybe it isn’t Helvetica, I wouldn’t know, I’m not a design nerd. The front side is minimalistic with no sight of boomboxes or irrelevant text. Not only are those signs of being Swiss-eques, but on the back side (of the flyer, not talking about the girl’s ass) we see the words “pure entertainment” at a 45 degree angle, and at a perpenticular angle are other smaller textual information.  Angles seen quite often in the Swiss design  and projects of design students in school.

Whats wrong with Swiss design, huh? Nothing, just that minimalistic style of design doesn’t seem to mesh with loud, rambunctious, laser-shooting clubs. Just my opinion.

So thats all the about wraps up the positives of the flyer, so let me just run down a little bit of the downfalls of it:

1) track/kern the motherfucking type!

comeon now, I am almost certain (with no factual evidence) that this flyer is made by a beginning design student. They should know better.

2) “ELECTRONIC DETENTION” is too small.

break it into two lines, so it can be big and loud and obnoxious. Also put more effort into the display text, make it [metaphorically] shiny so that people would be attracted to it like flies to a electric deathtrap.

3) shitty printing

Colors aren’t that vivid in print

4) space is empty

So empty that you can charge $1000 to rent the space if it were in SF.

5) better wording/more words

The flyer mentions price and date, but no time. Maybe it is an unwritten rule about when clubs start, sorta like the first two rules of Fight Club, except this gets more sweaty, hallucinogens, and homo-erotic undertones.  I’m not a club-goer, so what the hell would I know.

Dress code is school themed, yet guys are to be “fashionably casual,” which makes sense to me as I always liked to wear just white tees and baggy pants back in high school.  Judging by the picture, for ladies to “keep it sexy,” they mean for the ladies to “keep it sexually loose?”

So the flyer, compared to other club flyers, suck more eggs, but who am I to judge. Afterall, it is the content of the product thats important, and not the look of said content. Maybe when the last line on the back of the flyer says gift upon entrance, they are handing out underpants to the females.