New York Library Logo

Posted on September 20, 2010 by


NOTE: I started writing this post in December 2009. Think I had more to say, but I do not recall now. Deal with it.

Recently, the New York public library system has changed its logo.

Now I know what you might be thinking. You assume that I dislike their new logo and am about to rant about it, hence the new post. I do not blame you, as my previous blog postings convey negativity. True, it is easier to write about things I dislike/hate/can’t tolerate. But every once in a while, props have to be given when deserved.

I do not dislike the new logo, nor do I love it. I accept the new logo the way it is. It is minimalistic, and will look fine when colors are changed to fit collateral, or when scaled big/small. Here’s a little video explaining the logo design process:

As I’ve never been to any NYPL and having no emotional attach to the libraries there, I feel that the new logo works. With that said, it does seem to follow the standards of comtempary logo design. So to me, it’s nothing I felt like I haven’t seen before, but it still feels like its a logo design that I am okay with.

But compared to the previous logo, the old one definitely needed some work, but it did convey the feeling of regal, classic, and legacy. Probably because its drawn in more detail, with hard shadows. But that could also be said about most of the logo designs of the older eras. Who knows, maybe decades down the line, people would have the same argument when minimalistic logos are no longer in style and is replaced with another trend.