Quickie: Prince of Persia Posters

Posted on September 22, 2010 by


NOTE: This post idea was saved for before the movie was suppose to come out, but I stopped updating this fledgling blog for a while, so I’m just clearing out the old “things to complain about” box before moving on to newer topics.

price of persia


Just a quick post about this movie’s poster. As you all might know (judging by the box office numbers, most of you don’t), Prince of Persia is based on the hit video game franchise. It takes place in ancient Persia where a gay cowboy kicks everyone’s ass. Anyways, I’m not here to critique a movie that no one has seen in theaters. Please divert your attention to the movie poster. You see it? Of course you do, it’s


I don’t actually have a problem with the typeface itself. It’s a nice and solid typeface. But really? For a movie about ancient things that might or might not involve shiny ornamental jewelry, mystical powers, monsters, and possibly Jake Jill-len-hall’s action career being over, the best you (the movie poster designer) is going to give me is sterile, black thick glasses wearing, white-space inducing faux-Helvectica? When the professor in school tells you that contrast is good for a design, they dont mean make shit awkward. That is what is happening here. More awkward than your dog walking in on you jacking it to horse-bestiality porn, but that’s a whole ‘nother subject.

Closing point: Learn to use appropriate typefaces for your designs, mmkay?

Notice the difference in weight and kerning in the title between these two posters. Inconsistency much?

postscript: I think I remember seeing the poster’s closer to the movie’s release date not using faux-Helvetica. Good job creative director.

post-postscript: the “P” & “E” and the “R” & “S” is touching in the word PERSIA. I don’t like that. Too close mon, too close.