Target: Up & Up

Posted on September 30, 2010 by


Just a bit of a quick design thought because the Red Bull I drank at 2AM is still in effect.

designAsshole and I were discussing the [not really] new up & up Target brand logo. He’s not very impressed, but I think it’s pretty cool, considering what their previous logo looked like.

Aesthetically pleasing rainbow.

It’s just a simple rounded, fits-in-a-square arrow, pointing up at a 45 degree angle to create a perfect 90 degree angle for the arrowhead. Simple and geometric. Minimalist design can be really disappointing most of the time because where does the appreciation for details go? But I approve of this. I also like how the collage of arrows are in a grid system rather than being really artsy and rebellious with random placement. I think it follows the whole geometric aesthetic in a nice way. The one thing I don’t like is the placement of the text, “up & up”. I think it needs to be a little more to the left so that if you were to draw a 45 degree line in the middle of the arrow’s stem, the type doesn’t get cut. And the text could be bigger so that the x-height would be taller.

Now, if you don’t like the up & up logo, I’ll show you why you should like it.

I used to buy famous brands cuz I didn't want to see this crap logo around the house.

I hate the wave-shape label. I hate how the wave’s curves doesn’t even match with the curves of the Target circles. I hate the Helvetica Light typeface (or imitation of it). I hate the type leading. I hate the uninteresting color combinations.

The only thing I like about this shit is that it is consistent with the Target store. But then again, it’s just blatantly obvious cuz it just uses the same logo. Nothing to get all “OH SNAP” about.

Product design consistency is out the window, but eh, it's pretty.

Why do the Target up & up personal care products and Archer food products have to have different names and look so different? To prevent idiots from using potato chips as toilet paper? Who knows. But the Archer design is nice too. Looks really friendly and inviting. However, it reminds me of Joe Duffy‘s work for The Bahamas.

Anyway, point is, new Target logo looks cool because it’s a lot better than the old one. And they don’t want their customers get confused and use marinara sauce as laundry detergent.