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Anatomy of a Listerine Bottle Label

October 4, 2010


So I was minding my own business. You know, urinating into the toilet in the bathroom. When suddenly, I noticed the bottle of mouthwash on the shelf, Listerine, staring me right in the face as I was peeing. As I finished unloading my stream of yellow refreshment into the bowl (t.m.i.?), I realized how shitty […]

Quickie: Prince of Persia Posters

September 22, 2010


NOTE: This post idea was saved for before the movie was suppose to come out, but I stopped updating this fledgling blog for a while, so I’m just clearing out the old “things to complain about” box before moving on to newer topics. Just a quick post about this movie’s poster. As you all might […]

New York Library Logo

September 20, 2010


NOTE: I started writing this post in December 2009. Think I had more to say, but I do not recall now. Deal with it. Recently, the New York public library system has changed its logo. Now I know what you might be thinking. You assume that I dislike their new logo and am about to […]

Declared your hate for Comic Sans? You’re a douchebag

December 14, 2009


“I hate comic sans” “I can’t believe people actually use Comic Sans” “Comic Sans stole my girlfriend and slapped my momma” That is the general consensus about Comic Sans from a majority of people who considers themselves in any way a graphic designer. Anytime Comic Sans is mentioned  in a conversation, the sight of it, […]

“Dollhouse” promo typography

November 16, 2009


I do not know how many of you watch the show, Dollhouse on a consistent basis, but if you do, you should know by now that the show has been canceled. Since this blog is not about television programs, knowledge of this show is irrelevant, though I would like to take this opportunity to pat […]